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HOWO-A7 mixer
ProductName:HOWO-A7 mixer
ProductModel:HOWO-A7 mixer
Company:Jinan Sino Truck Sales Co., Ltd.
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The product absorption domestic and foreign different brand advantages of further stir tanks, optimization design, the tanks appearance shape, reasonable design of a pear each length, diameter and to maximize the space utilization ratio and the center of gravity reasonable decorate; The advanced design, superior performance, exquisite workmanship, the highlight human nature design, using imported hydraulic components, is a economic and practical, reliable in performance of concrete mixing transportation vehicles

1, the use of advanced design and methods: use AUTOCAD, PRO/E and finite element analysis software, reasonable decorate jacket, guarantee the axial load of the reasonable distribution of the center of gravity, optimization, effectively guarantee the product quality and vehicle reliability.

2, superior performance: tanks for symmetry of layout design within two high strength steel processing of double production wear-resisting logarithmic helix Lord leaf blades and auxiliary word mixing blades. The blade in the cylinder body according to the different sections of the function different design into the spiral Angle and pitch range, leaf using special mold a mould, realize the 3 d mixing function, in the course of carriage of the concrete to do not produce initial setting and segregation, to avoid the welding type mixing blade uneven, access to slow, residual rate for high and product materials, and other shortcomings, and leaf in the top and welding wear-resisting protection, in order to prolong the article leaves the service life. Advanced 3 d, ensure the blade design advocate complementary into, discharging speed, mixing concrete well qualitative good, residual rate is low not product material.

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