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HOWO 7 tractor truck
ProductName:HOWO 7 tractor truck
ProductModel:HOWO 7 tractor truck
Company:Jinan Sino Truck Sales Co., Ltd.
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The steel structure of the whole subject HOWO7 series heavy card to the world's most stringent safety cab of Sweden, regulations and requirements, the comprehensive protection of security personnel security rides, really reflect sinotruk people-oriented and unremitting pursue users benefit maximization of the enterprise management. 1, the main body for the whole steel structure, solid, firm, impact resistant and resistance to oppression ability strong force. 2, increased domestic original cab transverse stabilizer device. 3, have to take the lead in the domestic equipped with the bump, prevent to drill the before the strong protection frame. 4, domestic heavy card the most wide front windscreen, the vision of daqu Angle to meet European standards. 5, the driver seat belts with double lock up the structure, insurance coefficient increase greatly. 6, cab USES domestic original creation, the world's top four full serving the air suspension shock absorber, can be in any way, achieves the best road conditions under shock absorption effect, stable and comfortable. 7, steering wheel improvement for cars flexible plastic type material is made, feel is good. 8, configuration changes in temperature, air conditioning can be electric control, automatic control temperature, the configuration for top cars. 9, HOWO heavy sleeper of European and American press card figure design, the width of 600 mm. Aluminum alloy frame light weight, good rigidity, with steel wire mesh structure, can more effectively relieve fatigue. 10 sleeper, double upper can drive up to stop at any Angle for. 11, cabin ventilation system of unique design for the domestic initiative: (1) the window in the cockpit ventilation, sealed condition, still can effectively keep driving clean indoor air; (2) the warm wind channel to the door, can quickly on both sides of the glass defrosting except the fog on both sides; (3) the air circulation good condition, can effectively removing dust and divide peculiar smell. 12, driving indoor configuration luxury big store content box, with car refrigerators. 13, original sound system effectively reduce the noise, make the ride of more relaxed mood personnel

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